Klára Ježková
Czech • English • Spanish Translator


Are you looking for a skilled translator from English to Czech, Czech to English, Spanish to Czech? Proofreader? Language reviser? Would you like to make sure that your documents receive the best care possible?

You’ve come to the right place!

More than a quarter of a century of experience translating legal documents, business and corporate texts, marketing materials and literature. Specialist linguistic education. Courses and further training, mostly in the field of law and legal translation.

At your service for:


  • Legal documents

Contracts and agreements, legal briefs, procedural documents, judicial decisions, regulatory affairs, EU legislation, legal literature, etc.

  • Business & corporate governance

Annual reports, internal rules and procedures, corporate policies, user terms, general terms and conditions, correspondence, etc.

  • Marketing, localisation, transcreation

Promotional materials, websites, presentations, etc.

  • Literature

Books, brochures, articles, etc.

  • History & antiques
  • Gardening & permaculture

Proofreading & editing in Czech

Articles, legal briefs, websites, etc., in any of the above listed fields.


Videos, etc.


A professional freelance translator since 1992, I serve small and large businesses, multinational corporations, law offices, translation agencies, publishing houses and individuals from many countries across the world. My specialisation includes legal translation as the main field of interest, marketing translation, localisation, transcreation and literature.

My services build on a thorough linguistic education, nearly three decades of experience, and a deep insight into all the relevant legal systems – Czech, continental and European legislation and common law.

I have a Master’s degree in translation from Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic (1993), a course in Spanish-to-English translation from Escuela Universitaria de Traductores e Intérpretes, Granada, Spain (1992), and a number of other courses and seminars.

Apart from translating and occasional interpreting, I work as a language reviser for a Czech law office, helping them succeed in proceedings before courts and other authorities.

While Czech, English and Spanish are my working languages, I speak Polish and Russian as well.

I am a member of the Czech Union of Interpreters and Translators (JTP).

For the full range of my services, please click here.

Some of my fifteen book translations (fiction and non-fiction) published to date can be found here.

You are welcome to explore my LinkedIn profile or my profile at ProZ professional translation portal with a sample of my translation.


  • E-mail: translator@klarajezkova.cz
  • Telephone: +420 776 386 456
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