• Legal documents
    Contracts and agreements, legal briefs, procedural documents, judicial decisions, regulatory affairs, EU legislation, legal literature, etc.
  • Business & corporate governance
    Annual reports, newsletters, internal rules and procedures, corporate policies, terms and conditions, terms of use, data protection, correspondence, etc.
  • Finance & financial markets
    Reports, analyses, articles, etc.
  • Blockchain & crypto, fintech & regtech
    Articles and literature, whitepapers, product sheets, compliance and regulatory, etc.
  • Marketing, localization, transcreation
    Promotional materials, websites, presentations, etc.
  • Literature
    Books, brochures, articles, etc.
  • History
  • Gardening & permaculture

Proofreading & editing (Czech language)

Articles, legal briefs, websites, fiction and non-fiction literature etc., in any of the above listed fields.


Videos, movies.


Videos, sound recordings.